Course Syllabus

ORG201: Job & Internship Search Strategies

Instructor & Contact Information

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Course Description

In this course you will learn and practice strategies for searching for a job, internship or practicum. You should only take this course if you are actually ready to start looking for a job, internship or practicum. This is a “learn by doing” course, so in much of the course you will be calling, emailing and applying for jobs, internships or practicum placements. This course will train you in best practices to maximize your chances of finding a placement. The faculty in this course will serve as a coach to guide and advise you through your process.

One of the main purposes of this course is to help you find an internship or practicum, so you can take our ORG350/ADC420/ORG615 Internship/Practicum Course (which requires that the student be in a job, internship or practicum placement with appropriate supervision). The diagram below shows how this course fits into City Vision’s student training and employment strategy.

Course Prerequisites

Before taking this course students must have completed the following courses:

  1. Intro to Christian Addiction Counseling or Intro to Nonprofit & Ministry Management (not required for Graduate Students)
  2. Vocation, Calling and Purpose of Work

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Course Outcomes

After completing this course, you will be able to:

  1. Develop a list of job or internship prospects through online research and networking.
  2. Follow best practices in contacting job opportunities through cold calling and emails.
  3. Develop an effective resume targeting specific jobs and effectively complete applications.
  4. Prepare effectively for interviews using best practices.
  5. Identify how to serve effectively to increase future employment prospects.

Degree Program Outcomes

This course serves across all certificate and degree programs to assist students in practicing their learning through an internship or practicum as well as to get jobs.

Required Texts

Students are required to purchase these texts before the first day of classes. 

Guidelines for Written Work

All written work must follow our Writing Format and Forum Requirements. You must read these to understand how to cite sources appropriately.

Critical Policies to Read for This Course

Note: These policies are critical for all students to read. In case of change, we have linked to the versions on our website to make sure you have the latest version.

This syllabus is subject to change without notice up until the first day of the semester. Last updated: December 15, 2021

Course Summary:

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